Fast Track Istanbul Airport

In Istanbul Airport Fast Track services, Passengers who is over 18, T.C. passengers who have a citizen and a passport with a chip are saved time during the trip with the “Fast Passport Transit System”. Thanks to the system, passengers can pass through a total of 30 fast passport passpoints located in 16 arrivals, 10 departures and 4 transfer areas at the airport within 18 seconds after facial recognition and fingerprint checks. Istanbul Airport fast track.

Passengers who are arriving with their passports must have their passports read at the first point where the system located. Then the fingerprint and biometric info on their faceses and their information in the passport are matched. Thus, passengers can process their passports in about 18-20 seconds in total. The process of stamping on the passports of passengers passing through is carried out by law enforcement officers.

Premium Service of IST Airport

Istanbul Airport Fast Transit and International Flights with Buggy Privilege;
Domestic Outgoing Passenger Floor: 1. Security check at the entrance gate No. 1 and 2. there are fast-track crossings at two points, including at the security checkpoint.

International Passenger Floor: 1.There are fast-track crossings at 3 separate points, namely at the security control 3 and 7 entrance gates and at the passport control point.
International Incoming Passenger Floor and There are fast-track crossings at 2 separate passport control points to the east and west of the terminal. If you would like to get Lounge, you may make reservation at istanbul airport lounge website.
Transit Passenger Floor: There are 2 transit passenger fast-track and transit points at the External-Internal Transit passenger passport control point and the Internal-External Transit passenger passport control point.

Domestic Passenger Floor Buggy: There are 5 gold car stop points fit. It can reach Buggy vehicles from the stop points located opposite the C, D, E Doors. International Passenger Floor Buggy: 5 golf waiting point is available. It can reach Buggy vehicles from the stop point located opposite the G Doors. Please call us for reservation. Hope to see you soon.